Helpful Information about The Miracle League of Visalia

1. We play every Spring for an 8 week season.

2. Registration begins January 2nd of every year.

3. Games are played on Saturdays, and there are no practices. 

4. We are non-competitive, every player hits, every player plays in the field, and every player scores a run every inning. 

5. We have children’s teams and adult teams, with ages from 3-103!

6. Any child or adult with a mental or physical disability that prevents them from playing regular baseball or softball is welcome to join the league!

7. Cost for the season is $50.00.  This includes a shirt, hat and trophy.  No cleats on our special surface please!  We also offer a picture day for a nominal fee. 

8. Every player needs a helper, which we call “buddies”.  Buddies are volunteers who help the player bat, field, and keep them entertained during the game.  Anyone can volunteer to be a buddy!

9. Buddies must be at least 12 years old, with a school ID presented during the first season.

10. Buddies wear special shirts so they can be identified on the field.  These shirts change each season, and cost $10.00, which is paid during registration.

11. Registration is available for two months, and you can register online at  We have player and buddy registration and payment available on the website.  We accept credit cards and Paypal.

12. Questions?  Please email us at [email protected] for more information. 

13. Field location is at 3737 S. Akers St in Visalia, Ca.
We are located at the corner of Caldwell and Akers St in ​Visalia Ca.
We sit on the west side of the Visalia First Assembly ​church property.